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Documentary filming or production of a tv series, action movie, and more can find their place here. Sweden filming locations are unique and versatile to any type of video concept. From mind-boggling architecture to impressive natural landscapes, this country will impress you. Our location scout is the reliable team member you need to find the right spot for shooting. Find out everything you need to know about getting film permits in your chosen location. Get one step ahead of the competition when filming in Sweden. Rely on us to be your right hand and you will not regret it.

Sweden Filming Locations – Lapland

Chasing the ideal winter landscape reaches a happy end in Lapland. Among the Sweden filming locations, this region is a filmmakers’ soft spot. Imagine shooting in a dreamy winter wonderland, long before Christmas. Filming in Lapland offers you the chance to capture gleaming white scenery. The Midnight Sun found here creates the kind of golden hour lighting that you should not miss. Get the best shots of the Arctic wilderness and rely on us to take care of the film permits.

Depending on the type of production, procedures for film permits vary. As expected, filming in the Ice Hotel or a national park like Abisko involves some rules. Most shoots using public spaces get approved in a few days. For more complicated scenes, authorities need more time to evaluate their impact. Rely on our experts in production assistance to handle the paperwork. Get all the approvals in time, so filming in Lapland goes as per schedule.

Sweden filming locations Lapland

Filming in Stockholm

The most impressive of the Sweden filming locations in terms of architecture is Stockholm. The capital is a real gem for the film industry, being the main production center in the country. A large pool including the best crew, equipment, and talent can be easily found here. The most popular locations spread around the 14 islands include impressive buildings. From the Gamla Stan (old town) to the Royal Palace or Riddarholmen Church, the capital won’t cease to amaze you.

Indoor and outdoor museums can host small scale productions. In cities like Uppsala, near Stockholm, you can find more traces of scenic spots. National parks, castles, cathedrals, you can find plenty of telegenic locations. Filming in Stockholm may feel a bit overwhelming (overpriced). To get the best deals and solve with ease the aspect of getting film permits in Sweden, count on us. We are the team of dedicated fixers you need when filming in Stockholm.

film permits Sweden Stockholm

Sweden Filming Locations – Gothenburg

Arctic expeditions or bustling urbanity find their starting point in Gothenburg. This massive seaport cannot pass unnoticed among the Sweden filming locations. The second-largest city in Sweden can accommodate your filming needs. Meanwhile, we can help you settle in. Dutch-style canals and charming boulevards await for you to capture their best angles. Telegenic sceneries greet you at every step.

Rely on Fixer Sweden, a professional production company to offer you top support. Get all the filming resources needed, from local providers, at the best rates. Our nationwide network of collaborators allows you access to all necessary resources. We offer sweet deals on equipment rental or customized support to get the film permits. Trust our experienced location scout manager to tell you more about the hidden gems on the back alleys. Catch on film the authentic charm of this seaside city. Filming in Gothenburg gets better with Fixer Sweden by your side.

Sweden filming locations Gothenburg

Filming in Jämtland

Jämtland charms with Stone Age remnants, picturesque ski resorts, and rustic suburbs. Found in the heart of the Sweden filming locations, this area is ideal for all types of video production. Reindeer and moose herds can be your kind of topic for documentary filming in Sweden. Medieval stories and legends are best portrayed in this less populated area. If you worry filming resources are scarce here, let us give you a hand.

As a professional film fixer in Sweden, we have a nationwide network of partners. So we can ensure you get everything, from film permits to gear, in time for shooting. Rely on our location manager to show you the best spots in Jämtland, so you can capture the right angles. Video production is less stressful when you collaborate with the right team.

Choose us to be your film fixer in Sweden and we will strive to turn your filming vision into reality.

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