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Professional Sweden Fixer - A Filmmaker’s Dream Team

The home of pop music, innovation, and endless boreal forests, Sweden can be your next filming spot. You will find plenty of reasons to choose it, starting with its modern infrastructure. Ease of access for all the filming resources you need is always a major benefit.

Once you find a story to chase or you want to bring to life your visionary ideas, filming in Sweden can be the answer. To help you out along the way, our team of vetted production fixers is at your service. In a country as developed and expensive as Sweden, having a local hand of help can go a long way.Fixer Sweden

And when it comes to finding the right place to shoot, leave that to us. Our dedicated location manager will make sure to pin the best ones on the map and assist you with protocols. For film permit procedures, equipment rental or crew for hire, Fixer Sweden has your back. Our goal is to provide foreign filmmakers with the best filming experience.

And if you are more focused on reflecting reality, we are the journalist fixer you were searching for. Our wide network of collaborators spreads all across the coast. For the best news coverage, we know the right people to put you in contact with. Avoid draining your time and budget chasing for the right providers. Trust the Fixer Sweden professionals to handle the hassle.

Explore the culture, make time for Fika and aurora borealis. With our production assistance, filming in Sweden will be an unforgettable experience.

The Main Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Sweden

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Passionate filmmakers deserve top production assistance. That is what we at Fixer Sweden believe. We strive to provide top-of-the-line services to our clients. So, if you dream of filming in Sweden without getting cold feet, let us help.

Having a team of dedicated professionals on the spot allows us to know where or how to get exactly what you need. In such a developed country, costs for video production are not always budget-friendly. Having an insightful film fixer in Sweden is the key to getting the best deals.

Do not hold your creativity back, let us break the ice for you. There are endless possibilities when filming in Sweden, so take advantage of them. Make the most of the golden hour or explore untouched forests up north. Capture the unique culture and scenery in Lapland or hunt for Stockholm’s best angles.

We strive to match your ideas with the top local resources and locations, for a stunning mix. Fixer Sweden is the kind of team you always wanted to have by your side. We provide customized services for foreign filmmakers and the sweetest deals. In the spirit of Fika, trust us to be your film fixer in Sweden and we promise you will enjoy it. Shooting a video production here will not give you a hard time, with our assistance.

Get the cameras, crew, or locations compatible with your vision. Fixer Sweden will ensure you have access to top-notch equipment and an expert crew. Drop us a message to know more!


Filming In Sweden With Us

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You have probably heard about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or Songs From The Second Floor. Yet many other successful movies had Sweden as the shooting spot. If you aim to have the next box office hit, partner up with Fixer Sweden.

From the cold north to the eclectic south, we provide the best production assistance in the land of Fika. Our portfolio includes a variety of services, all tailored according to your needs. You do not have to break the piggy bank when working with us.

Even though filming in Sweden may involve higher costs than other countries, rely on us. As a local team of experts, we know where to find the best rates. With Fixer Sweden by your side, you get access to all the filming resources you need at local rates. Get the support you need, long before day one of shooting. Location scouting, film permit guidance, and more, we are not afraid to go the extra mile for you.

We put at your service a team of fully vetted professionals. Dedicated, meticulous, enthusiastic, our production assistance mavens are all you could ask for. Filming in Sweden with us equals consistency and hard work, combined with Fika. We make sure you feel welcomed and that you enjoy the journey every step of the way. Whether in the frosty Lapland or any other telegenic location across the country, we will be there. By taking care of the logistics, we help turn your ideas into a successful video production.

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