Filming in Sweden

Fixer Sweden filming

In a world of mass production and questionable quality, Sweden is a haven for the meticulous. It is part of the local culture to appreciate and put to good use every resource. And with that spirit in mind, filming in Sweden can be all about making good use of opportunities.

Dazzling natural landscapes or mind-boggling architecture, you get plenty of options as locations.

Straightforward procedures for obtaining film permits save you time as well. To assist you in getting the best local resources, count on us. As a top production fixer in Sweden, we can cover all your filming needs.

Reliable Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Sweden

Filming in Sweden should be all about exploring winter wonderlands and fascinating culture. Capture on film the true spirit of Fika, without any stress. With our production assistance, you can focus on what truly matters. Our passionate crew can handle all types of requests and tasks. We have a wide network of collaborators across the country, so whatever you need, we can find it and fast.

Location scouting, equipment rental, or crew for hire are all included. We know the importance of reliable support, so we strive to take care of all your filming needs.

Even in the most remote corner of Sweden, our production assistance does not fail. We set all the details, so you get the best shots in any location. Long forgotten traditions or modern architecture can be the topic for your production. No matter your choice, rely on our team when filming in Sweden.

We provide access to the best local resources, at a convenient rate. Our partners can deliver any filming materials you require. The existing infrastructure and development of the film industry are a big plus. You can find specialized crew, as well as top-notch equipment here. Drop us a message and let’s plan your next video production in Sweden.

Getting Film Permits In Sweden

Close your eyes and imagine picturesque, welcoming scenery, remote villages keeping traditions alive. Add snow, glaciers, and some bustling urban settlements for contrast. To complete the picture, replace the spotlights with the fabulous northern lights. All of this is what makes filming in Sweden so irresistible. It can suit any production, from documentary to action movie.

Just think about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and you will understand. And if you fear the procedures for film permits are too complicated, relax. Fixer Sweden can help settle all the details in time.

If you are unsure where to set camp for shooting your next production, we have some ideas. Choose between the northern winter wonderland or the south vibrant cities. Expand your horizons and trust our location manager. To record with no restrictions, let us guide you through the protocols. Take care of the paperwork ahead of time and start shooting according to schedule.

The good news is obtaining the film permits in Sweden is straightforward. As long as your shoot does not impact the traffic or require any street closure, things are simple. For more complex projects, with aerial filming or police assistance, get ready. The film permits get approved in about four weeks.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Sweden

Since March 2019, foreign filmmakers can qualify for a 30% tax rebate when filming in Sweden. This relatively new incentive scheme is under the administration of Film i Vast. This is the leading co-production film fund in the northern region of Sweden. The budget allocated for features, documentaries, or TV series goes up to €565,000 per year. Until recently, a foreign production company could not be eligible for this incentive. The good news is things have changed. As a top production fixer in Sweden, we know all the insights to help you get the maximum support.

Among the criteria for this tax rebate scheme, Swedish connections matter a lot. Shooting or doing post-production work in Sweden is important. Also, collaborating with a local production company matters. The same applies to hiring a local crew. As a general rule, foreign productions should have funding from their own country. The potential for entering competitions at international film festivals weighs in as well. Of course, the more visibility and distribution a project can gain in Sweden, the better. Let us untangle the bureaucratic processes for you. Get in touch and trust us to ensure you make the most of every opportunity.

Fixer Sweden filming